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Here are the winners of major tournaments held at the West Shore Chess Club.
Champions from 1998-99
Champions from 1999-2000
Champions from 2000-01
Champions from 2001-02

Autumn Quads
     Section 1: Brian Sheinfeld, Marvin Wilson, Michael Liebner Sr.
     Section 2: Sam Lamonto and Tom Smith
     Section 3: David Renshaw
     Section 4: JR Travers
Winter Hexangular 2001
     Section 1: Brian Sheinfeld
     Section 2: David Renshaw
     Section 3: Alex Liebner
Club Championship 2002
     OPEN: Harry Judy and David Renshaw
     RESERVE: Ken Payson
Quick Chess Championship 2002
      Richard P. Brown and Marvin Wilson

Autumn Quads, 2000
     Section 1: Michael Liebner Sr.
     Section 2: Donald Osborne and Randall Sears
     Section 3: Michael Liebner Jr., Sam Lamonto, JR Travers
     Section 4: Tom Smith
     Section 5: Ryan Cook
Winter Heaxangular 2000
     Section 1: Harry Judy and Jerry Dubs
     Section 2: Michael Liebner Jr.
     Section 3: Ryan Cook
Club Champhionship 2001
     Open: Marvin Wilson
     Reserve: Joe Bunecicky and Tom Smith

1999-2000 Quick Chess Championship: Pete McConaghie
1999-2000 Club Championship
     Open: Mike Liebner
     Section B: Nate Carabello and Don Osborne
     Section C: Joe Bunecicky, David Lindberg and Sam Lamonto
     Novice: Roger Cook
1999-2000 Winter Hex:
     Section 1: Natal Carabello
     Section 2: Greg Knutson and Luke Robson (tie)
     Section 3: Tom Smith
1999-2000 Autumn Swiss: Pete McConaghie

1998-99 Club Championship: Jack Clauser
1998-99 Quick Chess Championship: Pete McConaghie
Winter Hexangular:
            Under 1500: Ralph Kinter
            Open: Michael Liebner Sr.
Autumn Swiss: Gerald Dubs and Don Limbaugh (tie)