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This Week
Updated Dec. 8, 2002

Winter Tournament underway
     We have 14 players signed up for the Winter Tournament, which has taken on an unusal format. There are six players in a round-robin (five games) with a final position round at the end. The other eight players are divided into two four-player quads. Each quad will play a double round robin with each player having white one and black one.
    You can check it out here.
     Good luck to everyone!

     Don't forget our new location!
     We now play at the Calvary United Methodist Church in Lemoyne.
     The church is located directly across the street from Lemoyne Middle School. Park behind the church and enter the door off the parking lot. We're downstairs, on the right. Meeting times remain Monday from 7 to 10 p.m. Here's a map.
     Because we will now be able to meet more often, and because the fall tournament was expanded to four rounds, I've made adjustments to our schedule. After the officers meet, we'll make plans to extend the schedule through the summer months.
     See you next week at the church!